March 13, 2007

Meeting the Oldies

Once a week we go over to see the oldies. There is the geriatric Shah who likes to follow me around and scold and bully me. And there is Lara - a mean crazed lady who hides in the shadows and only comes out to chase me away from her hiding place. She operates on a search and destroy basis to chase me away. I call her The Piranha because she makes ugly faces at me and likes to bare her teeth when she thinks I am being too naughty. I’m usually not doing anything! Well, I don’t know why she likes to show me her teeth as I think my teeth are bigger and whiter than hers anyway! I have often wondered whether Shah and Lara are racist because I am a different colour to them. They always give me a hard time *whinge whinge*.

So this week was the first time I brought Casper along to meet the oldies.

Here’s the old man Shah checking out Casper. Notice I am keeping my distance but still making sure that Casper is behaving himself.

Casper and Shah checking each other out.

The Piranha aka Lara giving Casper the once over. I was very scared of The Piranha but I still positioned myself as close to Casper whilst keeping my distance so that I could protect Casper if she decides to use her search and destroy tactic. Don’t know what I’d do but I will do something if she decides to hurt my little brother. Can you tell that I am terrified at being so close to The Piranha?

Here’s Casper telling Mom that he wants to go home because he doesn’t like The Piranha. hiak hiak hiak.

Finally, what you think we are all looking at. That look on our faces can only mean one thing…YUMMIES! Except for my silly brother who seems to be more interested in Shah.

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