August 14, 2013


"How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard".
A.A Milne
(Winnie the Pooh)

5/12/05 to 12/8/13
Sleep well and sweet dreams my dearest companion.

July 27, 2010

NomNom aka Boris aka Smelly

Hello peeps,

I have had a great couple of weeks. 

Our new friend NomNom aka Boris did not come over and stay with us like he was supposed to.

He has moved straight to his new home on the other side of town.  When he arrived he was:

1. Recovering from a hernia operation.
2. Suffering from a cold and therefore had red eyes.  He needs to have eye drops everyday.
3. Covered in fleas - yes thats right, fleas.

So far, he has been one expensive puppy and cost a bomb. I hope he is worth it.

Mom is secretly relieved that she didn't have to babysit him in case the fleas migrated to us.

When Mom visited him she told me that he does really bad farts and also a really smelly poo that stunk out the whole house!

Boris = Smelly

June 22, 2010

New friend maybe?

Hello peoples,

It has been extra cold here in mornings so we have been sleeping in the garage.  But Casper likes to hog the bed and I usually end up on the floor!  Sometimes I manage to squeeze on the bed if there is room.

Last weekend Mom and Dad went for a drive to Bendigo.  They came back and told us we were going to have a visitor staying with us for a couple of weeks.  Our visitor smells like this:

Check out his face - what a suck! No wonder Mom though he was the cutest thing ever.  Hrrrmppphh...nothing is as cute as me.

He looks like a NomNom to me.  Casper thought Mom had made friends with an alien but I told him its no alien silly, its a bulldog.

NomNom lives with his family on a farm.

Check out the boofhead trying to squeeze his way out of the fence.  

Mom also made friends with this guy who ended up drooling all over her. 

Looks like he is enjoying Mom's ear rubs too much.  

Anyway we will have NomNom staying with us while his parents are on holidays in Greece for 3 weeks.  Mom says we have to be nice to him as he is still a baby.  Oh no, that means I might have to share my food with someone else!

Over and out.


May 14, 2010

Funny Stuff

Hello peoples,

I have come to the realisation that once you take a bad photo on a camera, you must delete it at once otherwise it gets out there on the big bad web and you cannot delete it. Ever. 
Like these poor suckers.

This guy must have seperation anxiety issues. I mean, who sleeps with a ball in their mouth?

I wonder if he ever wakes up with one side of his face blown up and puffy?

And this last little guy on his blue couch.  That is just too obscene.  I can see his willy.

Hmmm..I wonder if there are any funny photos of my brother.....


May 3, 2010

Prison Break

Hi Peoples,

Mom went away to Brisbane last weekend.  She told us we were only going to sleepover at Hugo's place for 2 nights, and then she would come and get us, but she ended up leaving us there for 8 nights! I was so mad at her I went looking for her to protest being away from home for so long. 

I found a hole in the fence and managed to escape to the neighbour's back yard but didnt get very far after that. 

There was a Big Dog who tried to make friends with me in the neighbour's backyard but I just wanted to go home.  So the kind people living with Big Dog rang Hugo's doorbell and I was collected and brought back.  My chance at freedom was snuffed out just like that.  Although, Big Dog asked me to come back and play again because he gets lonely sometimes.

So while I was being brought back Casper decided he would do a search and rescue to look for me and managed to squeeze himself through the same hole. He really can't leave me alone for a second.  Well, he wasn't expecting Big Dog to greet him.  The below picture nicely illustrates what I think Casper went through when he made it through the hole. Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk. 

Anyway, we had to ring Big Dog's doorbell again and found Casper being chased by Big Dog.  I don't think he'll be in a hurry to squeeze through holes any time soon.

From now on I am going to call Hugo's house Casa OhNo.  Yeah, thats right, Oh No, not here again.

Over and out,


March 18, 2010

Up up and away

Hi guys,
The little monster Hugo is so clever!  We stayed with Hugo for 2 weeks and during that time he managed to make his ears go really big. 

The baby

Going up

Cheers big ears

Now all I hear from Mom is "Scooby why are your ears so floppy"  Talk about raising standards around here! Well, I think everyone should have freedom of choice if they want to show floppy ears or not.  I happen to think I look cute with floppy ears.

On top of that we had to pose for a furry potrait.  We weren't really in the mood and none of us could be bothered concentrating. I bullied Auntie PC and managed to get on her lap while everyone else had to be on the floor.  It's not my fault she spoils me.

Over & out!


February 15, 2010

We have a new playmate

Hello friends.  We have a new playmate.  Mom said that we have to be nice to him. Everybody, meet Hugo.

He smelt so exciting that we couldn't help but bowl him over.  Check out The Piranha trying her best to "supervise" but we just ignored her.  Boy was she extra grumpy that day. She kept on trying to pick fights with everyone.  Secretly I think she felt left out because all of the attention was on us, The Boyz.

One thing about Hugo, because he is still little he could not outrun us so he would give up and lie on his back to let us sniff him.

Hugo likes to bite my face, nom nom nom. I think he thought I was his chicken neck.  And Casper didn't even try to protect me.  What kind of brother is that? He just stood there watching us.

Then I was minding my own business when he tried to take advantage of me. Instead of trying to help me Mom kept on snapping away taking photos. What kind of Mom is she - maybe I should report her to the RSPCA.  Why do I always get picked on?

When we finally got home Casper and I conked out straightaway on our bed, and Mom couldn't figure out who was snoring the loudest.  Dad on the couch or me on our bed. We can't wait to see Hugo and play with him again.

January 16, 2010


Hi everyone,

A thousand apologies. After Aunty Su reminded Mom that its been 9 months(!!) since we updated, Mom finally let me on to the computer.

We are still alive and have been busy digging, going for walks etc - life just got in the way.

Well the Old Man Shah went over the rainbow bridge about 4 months ago.  Mom was sad for a little while because he was her No.1 for a long time before I came along and become the No.1 in her life.  She told us that when she found out she was driving over the Wast Gate Bridge and her taps went on all the way home. I think there must have been a flood in the car.  But she is ok now because we have tried very hard to cheer her up.

I am having an off day today. Feeling sick and threw up a couple of times and Mom discovered I've been eating bark.  So I have been taken in the house feeling sorry for myself.

Well, i think my stomach churned because Mom showed me this photo:

Now that the old man is gone, The Piranha has a new friend, or should I say bodyguard.  It looks like a Humongosaur! Look at its teeth!  Eeek I'm almost scared to visit The Piranha now.  Even though things have not been the same since Old Man left we have been able to play hide and seek with The Piranha because she is going blind.  Now with this monster around I dont know if we will be able to hide.

See that crazy glint in its eyes? I can almost hear the ground shaking and getting nightmares thinking about being chased by IT.  I will keep you guys know what this crazy monster does when we meet.  

Until then, signing out for now.  We are glad to be back and won't leave it too long between updates.


April 19, 2009

Poor Me

Hi Everyone!

I've been so itchy lately! I think my skin allergy is really bad this season. Mom thinks I am allergic to corn which I had over a couple of days and afterward I couldn't stop scratching myself even after she took the corn out of my diet. I have had a Voren injection but that seemed to only provide short term relief.

So Mom has been applying aloe vera cream to my itchy bits which help a little, and I have been having baths with Malaseb shampoo almost every second week. Mom has been on Google and seen all the Westies that have had their skin conditions clear up on Malaseb so she is hoping that will be the same for me. She is considering starting me on Science Diet too but that might have to come later if the Malaseb does not work. It means she might have to give up buying makeup every month but I'm worth it!

Yes, that Gremlin is me! I was having my bath and I hope I haven't given anyone nightmares!

Afterwards I wear my favourite shirt for a couple of days. Mom read somewhere that this helps so I don't scratch my skin so hard. And yes, that is my favourite shirt and red is my favourite colour.

Oh why can't I stop itching? And why isn't Casper itchy too! It's not fair!

To top it off Casper has been taking advantage of me lately and has been bullying me off the bed when Mom is not around.

Over and out peoples!


March 17, 2009

My oops I mean OUR Throne

Hello everyone,

Mom and Dad went to Ikea to buy a cupboard and they came back with the cupboard AND something else for us!

Putting it together.

It's mine!

Give it back!

Our family Portrait on the Royal throne.

Although, I noticed on the pattern that there is a bulldog AND a cat. Hmmm..I thought this was for dogs only.
It can only fit us both when we sit like this. Oh well, if I want to lie down I just have to kick Casper off.

I think I need to start doing some ear exercises so that my ears can be pointy like my brother's.

Over and out.