January 16, 2010


Hi everyone,

A thousand apologies. After Aunty Su reminded Mom that its been 9 months(!!) since we updated, Mom finally let me on to the computer.

We are still alive and have been busy digging, going for walks etc - life just got in the way.

Well the Old Man Shah went over the rainbow bridge about 4 months ago.  Mom was sad for a little while because he was her No.1 for a long time before I came along and become the No.1 in her life.  She told us that when she found out she was driving over the Wast Gate Bridge and her taps went on all the way home. I think there must have been a flood in the car.  But she is ok now because we have tried very hard to cheer her up.

I am having an off day today. Feeling sick and threw up a couple of times and Mom discovered I've been eating bark.  So I have been taken in the house feeling sorry for myself.

Well, i think my stomach churned because Mom showed me this photo:

Now that the old man is gone, The Piranha has a new friend, or should I say bodyguard.  It looks like a Humongosaur! Look at its teeth!  Eeek I'm almost scared to visit The Piranha now.  Even though things have not been the same since Old Man left we have been able to play hide and seek with The Piranha because she is going blind.  Now with this monster around I dont know if we will be able to hide.

See that crazy glint in its eyes? I can almost hear the ground shaking and getting nightmares thinking about being chased by IT.  I will keep you guys know what this crazy monster does when we meet.  

Until then, signing out for now.  We are glad to be back and won't leave it too long between updates.



SuBoo said...

Welcome back! So glad to see I'm going to be getting more doggy updates - especially when you do meet that Humongosaurus. Hope he isn't too scary :)

Candylei said...

Yes, I am happy to have found your blog! Our one westie keeps us busy...and happy!