April 19, 2009

Poor Me

Hi Everyone!

I've been so itchy lately! I think my skin allergy is really bad this season. Mom thinks I am allergic to corn which I had over a couple of days and afterward I couldn't stop scratching myself even after she took the corn out of my diet. I have had a Voren injection but that seemed to only provide short term relief.

So Mom has been applying aloe vera cream to my itchy bits which help a little, and I have been having baths with Malaseb shampoo almost every second week. Mom has been on Google and seen all the Westies that have had their skin conditions clear up on Malaseb so she is hoping that will be the same for me. She is considering starting me on Science Diet too but that might have to come later if the Malaseb does not work. It means she might have to give up buying makeup every month but I'm worth it!

Yes, that Gremlin is me! I was having my bath and I hope I haven't given anyone nightmares!

Afterwards I wear my favourite shirt for a couple of days. Mom read somewhere that this helps so I don't scratch my skin so hard. And yes, that is my favourite shirt and red is my favourite colour.

Oh why can't I stop itching? And why isn't Casper itchy too! It's not fair!

To top it off Casper has been taking advantage of me lately and has been bullying me off the bed when Mom is not around.

Over and out peoples!



karensbrae said...

Please try Bob Grass white blood tablets. Also if you can get Burns dog food that may help. www.bobgrass.co.uk

I hope this helps.

Bella the Westie said...

Hi there, Casper and Scooby are so cute, they are adorable !
Bella loves them - she also has a blog : http://www.bellathewestie.blogspot.com/
She'd love to meet them one day !
All of Bella's family loves them too : Pascal, Isabelle, Amelie (20), Anais (17) and Matthew (11).

Katie, Julep and Derby's Mom said...

Just found your blog ... so now I'm a follower. As far as diet - no corn, wheat or soy ... for a westie! We feed our two a raw diet - here it's frozen and balanced with meat/veggies/fruit. We use Nature's Variety. Also - try a hot spot spray - ours contain tea tree oil which helps a lot. Good luck ... Katie