March 17, 2009

My oops I mean OUR Throne

Hello everyone,

Mom and Dad went to Ikea to buy a cupboard and they came back with the cupboard AND something else for us!

Putting it together.

It's mine!

Give it back!

Our family Portrait on the Royal throne.

Although, I noticed on the pattern that there is a bulldog AND a cat. Hmmm..I thought this was for dogs only.
It can only fit us both when we sit like this. Oh well, if I want to lie down I just have to kick Casper off.

I think I need to start doing some ear exercises so that my ears can be pointy like my brother's.

Over and out.


Petey said...

Scooby, you and Casper did an excellent job with your new furniture. We could use your carpentry skills on set for Beagadoon! I bet you two got the throne completed before your two-leggeds figured out the bookcase, huh?

Your pal,


Petey said...

Oops, I meant to say Cupboard! Hey, Casper's face looks much whiter than in the last post!