February 15, 2010

We have a new playmate

Hello friends.  We have a new playmate.  Mom said that we have to be nice to him. Everybody, meet Hugo.

He smelt so exciting that we couldn't help but bowl him over.  Check out The Piranha trying her best to "supervise" but we just ignored her.  Boy was she extra grumpy that day. She kept on trying to pick fights with everyone.  Secretly I think she felt left out because all of the attention was on us, The Boyz.

One thing about Hugo, because he is still little he could not outrun us so he would give up and lie on his back to let us sniff him.

Hugo likes to bite my face, nom nom nom. I think he thought I was his chicken neck.  And Casper didn't even try to protect me.  What kind of brother is that? He just stood there watching us.

Then I was minding my own business when he tried to take advantage of me. Instead of trying to help me Mom kept on snapping away taking photos. What kind of Mom is she - maybe I should report her to the RSPCA.  Why do I always get picked on?

When we finally got home Casper and I conked out straightaway on our bed, and Mom couldn't figure out who was snoring the loudest.  Dad on the couch or me on our bed. We can't wait to see Hugo and play with him again.

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SuBoo said...

Poor Scooby, getting taken advantage of. You should complain more to your Mom. She might just take more pictures though.
Can't wait to meet you and Casper!