March 18, 2010

Up up and away

Hi guys,
The little monster Hugo is so clever!  We stayed with Hugo for 2 weeks and during that time he managed to make his ears go really big. 

The baby

Going up

Cheers big ears

Now all I hear from Mom is "Scooby why are your ears so floppy"  Talk about raising standards around here! Well, I think everyone should have freedom of choice if they want to show floppy ears or not.  I happen to think I look cute with floppy ears.

On top of that we had to pose for a furry potrait.  We weren't really in the mood and none of us could be bothered concentrating. I bullied Auntie PC and managed to get on her lap while everyone else had to be on the floor.  It's not my fault she spoils me.

Over & out!



SuBoo said...

Oooh I like floppy ears - they are very cute! Nice family shot!

Darcy and Bailey said...

All of you are super duper cute!