May 3, 2010

Prison Break

Hi Peoples,

Mom went away to Brisbane last weekend.  She told us we were only going to sleepover at Hugo's place for 2 nights, and then she would come and get us, but she ended up leaving us there for 8 nights! I was so mad at her I went looking for her to protest being away from home for so long. 

I found a hole in the fence and managed to escape to the neighbour's back yard but didnt get very far after that. 

There was a Big Dog who tried to make friends with me in the neighbour's backyard but I just wanted to go home.  So the kind people living with Big Dog rang Hugo's doorbell and I was collected and brought back.  My chance at freedom was snuffed out just like that.  Although, Big Dog asked me to come back and play again because he gets lonely sometimes.

So while I was being brought back Casper decided he would do a search and rescue to look for me and managed to squeeze himself through the same hole. He really can't leave me alone for a second.  Well, he wasn't expecting Big Dog to greet him.  The below picture nicely illustrates what I think Casper went through when he made it through the hole. Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk. 

Anyway, we had to ring Big Dog's doorbell again and found Casper being chased by Big Dog.  I don't think he'll be in a hurry to squeeze through holes any time soon.

From now on I am going to call Hugo's house Casa OhNo.  Yeah, thats right, Oh No, not here again.

Over and out,


1 comment:

SuBoo said...

Gee Scooby, your Mom seems to go away a lot! Lucky her!

Poor Casper - what I don't get was why Big Dog wasn't as friendly to him as he was to you. Did he try to sneak away with some of his food?