June 22, 2010

New friend maybe?

Hello peoples,

It has been extra cold here in mornings so we have been sleeping in the garage.  But Casper likes to hog the bed and I usually end up on the floor!  Sometimes I manage to squeeze on the bed if there is room.

Last weekend Mom and Dad went for a drive to Bendigo.  They came back and told us we were going to have a visitor staying with us for a couple of weeks.  Our visitor smells like this:

Check out his face - what a suck! No wonder Mom though he was the cutest thing ever.  Hrrrmppphh...nothing is as cute as me.

He looks like a NomNom to me.  Casper thought Mom had made friends with an alien but I told him its no alien silly, its a bulldog.

NomNom lives with his family on a farm.

Check out the boofhead trying to squeeze his way out of the fence.  

Mom also made friends with this guy who ended up drooling all over her. 

Looks like he is enjoying Mom's ear rubs too much.  

Anyway we will have NomNom staying with us while his parents are on holidays in Greece for 3 weeks.  Mom says we have to be nice to him as he is still a baby.  Oh no, that means I might have to share my food with someone else!

Over and out.


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