July 27, 2010

NomNom aka Boris aka Smelly

Hello peeps,

I have had a great couple of weeks. 

Our new friend NomNom aka Boris did not come over and stay with us like he was supposed to.

He has moved straight to his new home on the other side of town.  When he arrived he was:

1. Recovering from a hernia operation.
2. Suffering from a cold and therefore had red eyes.  He needs to have eye drops everyday.
3. Covered in fleas - yes thats right, fleas.

So far, he has been one expensive puppy and cost a bomb. I hope he is worth it.

Mom is secretly relieved that she didn't have to babysit him in case the fleas migrated to us.

When Mom visited him she told me that he does really bad farts and also a really smelly poo that stunk out the whole house!

Boris = Smelly

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oof. Everybody goes through a rough patch now and then -- but yeah, poor Boris sounds like he was pretty unpleasant company...
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